Industrial Architecture-Themed Installations

Industrial Architecture-Themed Installations
Art & Design
Jan 2023

Dutch design studio, Studio Mieke Meijer introduces a new furniture installation series dubbed the Industrial Archaeology Series. During the 50s, Bernd and Hella Becher first met as art students before embarking on their careers as photographers and made a name for themselves for their documentation of the fading industrial architecture throughout Western Europe and North America at the time.

This was important at the time as it was slowly disappearing and now these 'anonymous structures will always remain in the photographs. The first of the series of the Gravel Plant 01, which is an installation of shelves and spaces that take on a wide range of geometric shapes and sizes. It works as a modular design that can build an entire furniture system or simply as a decorative item.

Image Credit: Studio Mieke Meijer